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bustine silicagel con indicatore cromatico

It seems to speak of the egg of colombo, due to the apparent simplicity of this product, yet the sachets of silicagel indicating are very useful in many cases but still not widespread.

The advantages of the classic white silica gel sachets add up to those deriving from indicating silica gel and in this way allow systems, equipment, various types of objects such as 3D filaments, musical instruments … to be effectively protected from humidity without spreading everywhere ( as is the risk with bulk silica gel) and at the same time giving a clear indication of when they need to be replaced in order to continue protecting assets or systems.

But let’s go in order…

What is inside a sachet of silica gel indicating?

There is indicating brown silica gel, i.e. a normal silica gel in silicon dioxide with the addition of totally inert non-dangerous, non-poisonous and non-harmful coloring substances. The shape is granular and a slightly finer weight is chosen than the bulk one.

cos'è il silicagel indicating

It does not give rise to hazardous waste and, consequently, should be considered as a normal undifferentiated product for disposal. It can be used in a thousand different situations, with practically any type of product.

Combined, however, with the advantages of indicating silica gel (which is traditionally sold in bulk) or:

  • The silica gel, as it absorbs humidity from the surrounding environment, passes from an initial amber yellow color (improperly called “brown”) which changes to sky blue/light green once its ability to absorb further humidity is depleted.
  • The envelope of the sachet, thanks to its texture, allows you to clearly perceive the change in color of the silica gel inside.

Safety: only COBALT FREE sachets in our shop

We particularly want to reiterate the absolute safety of the silica gel indicating sachets. As a company we have always been very attentive to the quality of the products we distribute: we make sure that they comply with the strictest international standards. All our products are DMF free and we can supply sachets with specific coatings and/or inks to be used in the most sensitive sectors, such as the food or pharmaceutical sector.

silica gel privo di DMF e cobalt free

With regard to indicating products, in particular, we want to emphasize that we only distribute COBALT FREE products. All the Indicating SilicaGels we process, including the sachets, are therefore absolutely free from cobalt, a substance sometimes still present in similar desiccant products.

This makes them modern products, absolutely harmless and inert for people, animals and things. It also guarantees that they are easily disposed of in the undifferentiated waste both by the private individual and by companies. A nice plus!

Standard and customized weights: the Silica Gel Shop catalogue

To date, four different weights are available on our online shop for the silica-gel indicating sachets, namely: 20 grams / 60 grams / 240 grams / 480 grams.

disidry silica gel home pack di bustine indicating

They are standard weights, available ready for sale, also retail, and with extremely low minimum order quantities: starting from a pack of 30 sachets of 20 grams, i.e. a quantity that is also compatible with household uses for which a specific line of products characterized by an easily resealable pack.

Purchasing larger quantities results in savings on the final price, as can be verified by selecting different quantities of product. Shipping is fast 24/48 hours and free throughout Europe for orders over €70.00.

Supplies of customized sachets, even in size

The options in the catalog are not all those available: upon request, we can also take care of customized supplies. For example, a company could ask us for envelopes weighing 1KG or 120 grams or, again, there may be a need to print the company logo on the envelope, or intervene on the order in any other way such as requesting useful sub-packaging for easier use in the production phase.

In this case the minimum orders are higher, but still within the reach of even a small business. For more information, please contact us directly and tell us your needs.

When to choose silica gel indicating sachets?

1) Instead of the white silica gel sachets

The silica gel sachets with color indicator are used in all those cases where the residual absorption capacity of the sachets needs to be monitored over time.

When using white silica gel sachets, the only way to tell if they still have dehydrating capacity or not is to weigh them. The water trapped in the granules, in fact, increases their weight, which can increase by an average of 20%.

il silica gel assorbe circa il 20% del peso iniziale di una bustina

Therefore, if I had used normal sachets of white silica gel inside a wardrobe that contains leather goods, or in a box with tools electronic equipment, or in an armored cabinet, or to protect components stored in boxes in warehouses… in all these cases, to understand if those sachets are still able to function, I could only weigh them.

If, for example, the initial weight of 500 grams has become 600, i.e. increased by 20%, it means that the sachets need to be replaced. It is clear that this is certainly not a comfortable procedure. Among other things, with sachets of small weight, detecting the weight variation is not easy at all, since it is minimal.

With an indicating sachet, on the other hand, a quick glance is enough:

  • an amber yellow color corresponds to a fully active product.
  • when the sachet starts to turn towards blue, it is partially exhausted. It might be time to plan ahead and reorder to replenish stocks.
  • The light blue color clearly indicates that the sachet is used up and is no longer able to absorb further humidity.
silicagel con indicatore cromatico, cambia colore quando le buste sono esaurite

The list of items that should be protected from moisture damage is endless and ever-expanding. A newcomer? The spools of plastic filament for 3D printers, which by now have also appeared in many of our homes or professional activities and which are very sensitive to humidity.

Le buste essiccanti di silica gel indicating per proteggere i filamenti 3d

2) In companies, when bulk indicating silica gel is inconvenient

At an industrial level, bulk indicating silica gels are widely used as they are complementary to the functioning of specific plants and machinery.

Many of these, in fact, are equipped with a special container designed specifically to house the granules: for example, this is how the oil bath transformers used by electrotechnical companies are made. In other cases, especially when we are talking about treatment and/or drying systems for air, gas, etc., the systems are equipped with a filter cartridge, which is nothing more than a container for housing the SilicaGel with a chromatic indicator.

silica gel indicating nell'industria, nei filtri e trasformatori.

In other cases, however, the space for pouring the silica gel is not foreseen: the granules risk spilling, dirtying or ruining the equipment they are supposed to protect!

That’s why the indicating sachets are a simple solution, but which allows you to solve many problems for the user. The egg of Columbus, in fact. The sachets (which can even reach 500 grams or more) allow the silica gel to perform its function of absorbing moisture without the risk of the granules dispersing where they shouldn’t. The change of color, then, allows you to easily monitor the residual drying capacity.

3) And when, on the other hand, is it better to use other types of silica gel?

Among the many advantages, it is easy to understand what could be the reason why not always use the indicating sachets: the cost.

Indicating silica gel in sachets is obviously more expensive than both the equivalent bulk product and the white silica gel sachets. It is therefore used when it is actually advantageous, that is, when it is necessary to know its degree of residual effectiveness.

A classic example of a sector in which white silica gel in bags or chains is usually used is logistics. In these cases, in fact, the quantity of silica gel is calibrated to perform its function effectively while the product is traveling, or in the warehouse, with a calculated time. The sachets are closed inside the product packaging, and are no longer replaced. Once the product has arrived at its destination, the silica gel sachet or the desiccant chain is simply thrown away and it would therefore not make sense to choose a more valuable product since the control function would not be exploited.

silicagel bianco e catene disidratanti sono la scelta migliori per le spedizioni e la logistica.

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