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Activated charcoal envelopes eliminate bad smells

How many times have we found ourselves wincing when our nose has come up against a particular stench or bad smell in our house or in our bags, boxes and cupboards! 

Is it possible to eliminate bad smells from cupboards and small rooms with a natural product that does not chemically cover up odours and does not use synthetic fragrances but instead absorbs them permanently? 

The answer is yes, thanks to activated charcoal, a totally natural product, which comes to our aid in these situations both at home and in professional areas such as boat and camper van storage, seasonal use rooms or containers used for transporting goods.

Some useful things to know: How does activated charcoal work?

Activated carbon is a porous material that has a large specific surface area, which means that it has many microscopic pores that can hold many chemicals. Odours are volatile chemical compounds, and when they come into contact with the surface of activated charcoal, they are attracted to and retained by the pores.

Thanks to this process, which is called adsorption, activated carbon bags do not simply cover up odours, but capture and retain the odour substance molecules. Charcoal is also widely used in industry due to its ability to adsorb many chemicals and contaminants, making it an effective material for purification and purification and often used as a filter.

Charcoal naturally eliminates bad smells

What are the benefits of activated carbon? 

Activated charcoal bags naturally and effectively absorb and eliminate unpleasant odours. Thanks to the practicality of their format in 120 g bags, they can be placed in a wide variety of environments, from wardrobes to shoe cupboards, storage boxes, motor homes, etc.

Bags of 120 g of disidry activated carbon
It contains no artificial fragrances. It is the natural and non-toxic remedy against bad smell.

Compared to other systems on the market, which cover bad odours with various fragrances, charcoal does not use chemicals to cover odours but, by trapping odorous molecules, eliminates them. The advantage is therefore twofold: thanks to its special characteristics, charcoal is both a totally natural, easily disposable and environmentally friendly product and a solution that acts on the problem, the bad smell, by eliminating it rather than covering it up.

Where can I use it?

Wherever there is a need to eliminate bad odours.

From small rooms, to combat indoor, damp and mouldy odours to wardrobes, drawers, shoe cupboards, camper vans and caravans, boats, cars, laundries

When we want to prevent the formation of closed and stale smells, such as in the storage of ‘seasonal’ or low-use items and equipment, e.g. for ski and mountain clothing, boots, sea equipment (wetsuits, masks etc.), tents and camping products, Christmas decorations, suitcases, blankets and curtains etc.

Can I also use it to combat humidity?

To combat humidity problems, Silica Gel or Activated Clay is more suitable, the latter also being a totally natural product.

Charcoal by its very nature absorbs a minimal amount of moisture, which is often the cause of bad odour, but used together with silica gel or activated clay it counteracts the deleterious effects that moisture and condensation cause not only in terms of bad odour but also mould formation, bacterial proliferation or corrosion.

Naturali wardrobe set with bags in clay and activated carbon, protects against odor and humidity

Together they perform the dual function of absorbing moisture (silica gel or activated clay) and keeping small spaces, furniture and boxes free of unpleasant odours (activated carbon).

For example, in the natural kit, for use in cupboards or drawers, two 270g bags of activated clay and one 120g bag of activated charcoal are included.

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