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Application areas
for Disidry® desiccants

Multiple applications for multiple needs

The issues that arise from excessive moisture levels concern everyone: those who  manufacture, those who transport and those who preserve.

For this reason, our clients hail from every sector: from fashion to high-technology, from industrial logistics to naval shipping containers, without forgetting the needs of small private clients.

Our experience allowed us to get in touch with many different markets as follows.

What kind of company are you?


Desiccant sachets to protect valuable garments and objects. Many formats, in silica gel or clay, even customized.


Desiccants for use in laboratories, pharmaceuticals, supplements, cosmetics. Bulk, no dust Tyvek® bag or standard  sachets.


Molecular sieve, clay, alumina, calcium chloride, silica gel  and other special materials in microbags, sachets and drums.


Humidity stabilizers such as PROsorb, specific for protecting and maintaining works and artefacts.


Desiccant chains or pouches designed to protect goods in containers during storage or shipping.

Our extremely extensive product catalogue, the no minimum order advantage and the  supply of the exact quantities required allow us to meet everyone’s needs.

We ship regularly and quickly worldwide

We ship our products to Europe and the rest of the world,
in the shortest times possible and in line with the regulations and directives of the various countries.

Do you need guidance or advice on the type or right amount of desiccant to use? Contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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