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Dehydrating solutions tailored to you

What can we do to help you?

For over 15 years we have been solving problems related to humidity control during shipping, storage or conservation and purification through filtration thanks to our products and our experience.


Attention and care for details

Silica gel, clay and drying products may seem to be simple products to choose but  this is not always the case. In addition to the basic product, the type of packaging (shape, materials, dimensions and weight) and any special treatments affect the characteristics and fields of application of each product.

Does your company need to ship using shipping containers? Does your client expressly require the presence of silica gel sachets in the packaging of its product? Are you a director of a museum who needs to accurately calculate the amount of drying  agent needed to stabilise the microclimate of an archaeological find?

In all these cases, and in many others, do not hesitate to contact us: we will choose together with you the optiml solution.

Quick deliveries prepared with great attention to every detail

Does your ship sail tomorrow from the harbour and the drying chains for the containers are missing? Does your country require extra certification for the import? For us no delivery is standard: all are carefully organised to meet your requests or needs.

And all of them are fast, actually very fast! 24 to 48 hours typically, but sometimes we are able to deliver even faster, in case of emergency.

Certified desiccants
and 100% effective

Each product marketed by us is 100% safe, complies with current regulations and has the certifications required by law. In particular, all of them do not contain dimethylfumarate, an additive declared dangerous by the European Community with Resolution 2009/251/EC dated 17 March 2009.

Each product is delivered at 100% of its effectiveness: for us a well organised service and a product provided in optimal conditions are two sides of the same coin.

No Minimum Quantity Order

We are your warehouse: take advantage of it. In this manner, you do not use space that you can dedicate to your core business, you do not have to advance the cost of supplies, you do not risk seeing deteriorated the absorbing power of the dehydrators purchased.

Order only what you need from time to time, taking advantage of our reliability in delivering and the benefit of minimum quantity order.

Customized and branded desiccant sachets

It is not only a matter of product, but also of the “dress” it wears. A fashion company, for example, will want its brand imprinted also on the sachets of silicagel, choosing even the packaging material or whether to add specific information.

Over the years, thanks to the experience and knowledge of support materials, we met  the requirements of even the most meticulous marketing departments and those attentive to the image of their brand.

Do you want more information on customizing desiccant sachets? Contact us and tell us what you need.

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