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Dehydrating And Anti-humidity Products

Attention and care to details

Our company was created with the heart of a start-up that today has been turned into a  consolidated business, made of attention to service, quick deliveries, consulting skills and product customisation and capable to ship all over the world.

For more than 15 years, we have been dealing with dehydrating products such as silica gel, activated clay (bentonite), molecular sieves and other special products.

In our catalogue, you can find traditional silica gel sachets in various formats, brown and orange indicating silicagel, drums of loose drying salts, specific dehydrators for industrial use, chains and container bags for the preservation and storage of a variety of goods but also moisture stabilisers for museums.

doypack proteggi bustine disidratanti umidità
bustine disidratanti e silica gel sfuso disidry

All our products are certified according to the law and do not contain dimethylfumarate, an additive declared dangerous by the European Community with Resolution 2009/251/EC dated 17 March 2009.

Many of our customers rely on us year after year, first of all looking for an expert guide in identifying the best solutions for their needs or requesting specific delivery procedures.

Many others regularly purchase through our e-commerce www.silica-gel.it, where they can browse our complete and updated catalogue and buy directly.

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The offices and storage warehouses are in Vicchio, a few steps from Florence, in the green Mugello: they are always well stocked, so as to process and deliver every order very quickly, 24/48 hours or even less in special cases, in Italy.