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Creating memorable packaging even with customized desiccant sachets

The importance of communication for a company cannot be underestimated, especially when it comes to relations with the consumer public. Product quality is certainly important, but emotions also play a crucial role in customer choice.

Knowing how to leave a mark around the product creates that difference that will make it better, more reliable and over time more memorable than other competitors, supporting the objective of creating a strong and recognisable identity.

Why pay attention to even the smallest of details in product packaging

Many elements that make up the packaging have been studied with care and professionalism: the box, the packaging and the shopping bag are branded and co-ordinated, adhesive labels or cards lead back to the company website or email, but the attention to detail right down to the last step is that element that unconsciously relaxes the user and generates a feeling of security, conveying the idea that on the other side there is a serious and attentive company, so evolved and solid as to pay attention to even the smallest detail, as small as the sachet of dehydrating agent that protects and maintains the product.

So why not think about taking care of this aspect too and customise your own silicagel sachets? 

Customising dehydrating sachets

What is meant by customising dehydrating sachets? First of all, let’s think about how these sachets are normally presented: they are often anonymous or branded with the manufacturers’ trademarks, followed by instructions on disposal or particular behaviour according to standard regulations, all in different languages.

Tyvek Food Grade Desiccant Sachet

Printing your own logo and size

Customisation allows one’s own brand logo to be printed directly onto each individual sachet. Important information regarding particular behaviour or target markets can also be printed as per company requirements.

In addition to sachet branding, it is possible to evaluate the production of sachets in different standardised sizes, seeking the solution that best meets the most diverse or particular packaging needs.

Personalize the desiccant sachets with your logo

The content of dehydrating sachets

A further element that can be chosen when customising desiccant products is the type of desiccant material to be placed inside the sachets. The classic white silica gel is the standard: with its absorption capacity of 20% of the initial weight of the sachet (in non-critical conditions) it is the perfect choice, as it does not release any liquid or other by-product, keeping the goods it accompanies protected from moisture.

An equally valid but certainly more environmentally friendly choice is activated clay. Like silica gel it does not release any liquid or by-product, it has a slightly lower and variable absorption capacity, it is a natural product and therefore there can be very slight fluctuations in its absorption capacity from one batch to another, but the sachets are calibrated with a weight appropriate for the absorption of specific amounts of moisture.

In a company vision that promotes ecological values, choosing to use a natural, easily disposable and customised dehydrating agent is a great little treat for its customers and the environment. A further advantage of clay is its lower cost compared to silica gel.

Choose the right desiccant sachet for your business needs

Designing down to the smallest element that makes up the packaging of one’s own product in particular business sectors such as luxury and fashion, high technology, optics, pharmaceuticals, etc. can have a positive impact at a strategic level. So in these sectors, waxing your own customised dehydrating sachet can be an added value that further distinguishes your product.

What is involved in choosing customised desiccant sachets? Support in choosing the most suitable sachets for your business needs and a minimum order quantity. Want more information? Contact us here info@silica-gel.it or call us at (0039) 055 8497548.

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